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Industrial casters | Casters wheels | Brakes locking | Rigid Swivel | Furniture hardware > Industrial Casters, Industrial wheels - Jacobholtz.com  

Industrial Casters, Industrial wheels - Jacobholtz.com

Heavy Duty Casters, Medium Duty Casters, Light Duty Casters | 40-900lb load capacity Holtz

  • Top fittings- Threaded stem, socket, friction ring, plate and expansion stem
  • Wheel types- PP polypropylene, PU polyurethane, TPR thermo plastic rubber, phenolic, rubber, moldon rubber, aluminum or cast iron core with PU polyurethane tread
  • Locking brake casters- Tread locking brakes, total lock brakes and side locking brakes available
  • Wheel size- 1 ½” thru 8” General Duty and Heavy Duty 


Caster applications:

Appliance casters, appliance wheels, cart casters, dolly cart wheels, dolly casters, dolly wheels, equipment casters, floor jack casters, furniture rollers, garden cart wheel, garden cart wheels, hand cart wheels, hand truck wheel, hand truck wheels, housekeeping cart wheels, industrial cart wheels, ladder casters, lawn cart wheels, luggage casters, machine casters, pallet jack wheels, refrigerator casters, small cart wheels, table wheels, tool box casters, tool box wheels, tool chest wheels, toolbox casters, wheels for carts, wire shelving casters, wire shelving wheels, workbench casters, workbench wheels

Types include:

Industrial casters, industrial wheels, industrial caster, industrial caster wheels, ball bearing casters, replacement caster wheels, polyurethane casters, industrial caster and wheel, rigid casters, caster wheels with brakes, industrial wheels for furniture, non marking casters, rigid caster, rubber caster, swivel bearings, urethane casters, ball bearing caster, industrial wheel, industrial wheels and castors, light duty casters, phenolic casters, polyurethane caster wheels, red casters, double locking casters, industrial caster & wheel co, industrial casters and wheels, industrial castors, industrial furniture wheels, medium duty casters, rigid caster wheels, total lock casters, ball bearing caster wheels, industrial caster & wheel, industrial casters wheels, industrial wheel and caster, lockable castors, locking castors, phenolic caster, phenolic wheel, total locking casters, industrial swivel casters, industrial wheels and casters, light duty castors, lockable caster wheels, locking casters wheels, low profile castors, red caster, small ball bearing casters, urethane caster, urethane caster wheels, wheel industrial, wheel locking, wheels industrial, casters industrial, casters wheels and industrial, large castors

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General-Duty Swivel and Rigid



Industrial Casters China 135-900lbs | Jacob Holtz.com

Industrial Casters Taiwan 40-1200lbs | Jacobholtz.com

Industrial Casters ALL TYPES- 40-900lb load capacity

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