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Brass decorative casters | Sleeves and Ferrules | Jacobholtz.com

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Jacob "Holtz has it", decorative casters, sleeves and ferrules to Furniture Manufacturers, Designers, Hotel and Hospitality Contractors

  • Casters with Knurled Stem and Mounting Plate
  • Casters with Round Ferrule
  • Casters with Square Ferrule
  • Ferrules - Round or Square (without the wheel and fork)
  • Sleeves - Round or Square

Whether you're making a statement of warmth and a luxurious feel or a splash of contemporary style, add Jacob Holtz decorative casters, sleeves or ferrules for a look that makes the difference.

Decorative Casters Brass and Zinc Alloy, Sleeves and Ferrules | Furniture & Chair Casters | Furniture rollers & wheels

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Top Fitting

BC-315-295-RD-PW-M-HD Brass Caster 31.5 x 16 mm 29.5mm ID x 31.75mm high Round Ferrule
BC-315-31-SQ-BNI-M Brass Caster 31.5 x 16 mm 31mm KJ x 32.5mm high Square Ferrule
BC-315-WS-27-NI-ZA Brass Caster 31.5 x 16 mm 6.5mm Dia x 27mm length Stem
BF-30-RD-32-EA Brass Ferrule N/A N/A
BS-315-SQ-32-ZA-BNI Brass Sleeve N/A N/A
  Results 1 - 5 of 5 1 
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