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Plastiglide Conductive Wheels | Casters

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Plastiglide Conductive Wheels

Proprietary non-marking conductive (anti-static) rubber compound mixed and manufactured in the USA.

Combines the mechanical properties of rubber (load capacity, durability, quiet roll) with enhancements to the compound chemistry to produce high electrical conductivity. Our conductive wheels meet the requirements of the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) federal specifications FF-C-77 and FF-C-88, which requires an average electrical resistance of less than 250,000 ohms.

All conductive wheels are identified with a red dot on each side and have a sintered bearing to ensure conductivity throughout the entire wheel and assembly. Available in soft and hard rubber.

Conductive wheels are ideal for applications in the electronics, computers, and medical industries in which allowing for the safe discharge of static electricity build-up is critical to protecting sensitive equipment from electrical damage and patient safety. Conductive wheels can also prevent sparks that cause flammable vapors to ignite (e.g., surgical or lab environments).

The resistance of electrostatic conductive rubber compounds may increase with age, service, and build-up of dirt/dust. Maintaining a clean contact surface between the wheel and floor is important in maximizing the anti-static characteristics of the compound. Since the manufacturer has no control over these conditions, no guarantee of continuing level of conductivity is made and it is recommended that the resistance of the conductive assembly be tested at routine intervals.

Plastiglide Conductive Wheels Group

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Item #

Wheel Type

Wheel Diameter

Wheel Width


Bearing Bore

Hub Length

26962-1920-0230 Conductive Soft Rubber 3 in 1 in Black 3/8 in 57/64 in
26962-1920-0225 Conductive Soft Rubber 2-1/2 in 1 in Black 3/8 in 57/64 in
26962-1920-0220 Conductive Soft Rubber 2 in 1 in Black 5/8 in 1-5/32 in
26962-1125-0250 Conductive Soft Rubber 5 in 1-1/4 in Black 3/8 in 57/64 in
26962-1125-0240 Conductive Soft Rubber 4 in 1-1/4 in Black 7/16 in 1-17/32 in
26962-1125-0230 Conductive Soft Rubber 3 in 1-1/4 in Black 5/8 in 57/64 in
26962-1100-0250 Conductive Soft Rubber 5 in 1 in Black 7/16 in 1-5/32 in
26962-1100-0240 Conductive Soft Rubber 4 in 1 in Black 5/8 in 1-17/32 in
  Results 1 - 8 of 8 1 
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